Blues : A young neo soul artist from Toronto

A friend recently  played me “Senseless” by Blues, a Toronto based upcoming artist. She sounded like a young Erykah Badu, her voice was captivating and the production wasn’t lacking in quality either. I decided to follow her on soundcloud, which was probably  the best decision I made that evening, judging by the quality of the project she released just a few days after. I had the privilege to interview Blues, which allowed her to present  “Black and Tea and Mint” her latest project.

1) Who are you and Where you from? explain how you came up with the name blues

• I am a 19 year old artist from Toronto. Blues is a name I created for my alter ego who’s overall sound is lead by sentimental feelings, romantic curiosity and her love for solitude.

2) What’s the concept behind the project “black tea and mint”?

• Black Tea and Mint is an intimate and personal project to which I tell one story in a span of 3 songs. It is a project meant to be listened to in an isolated environment with a spliff in one hand and a cup of tea in the other. It is meant to provoke thoughts and change moods . It’s an experiment trance.

3) How did you and the producer qwsnz decide to work together?

• We met through SoundCloud. He reached out to me and I thought his style was incredibly dope and different. Instantly I had to ask him to create a project together.

4) What inspired  you when you were writing the lyrics?

  • I got my inspiration through past experiences and present ones. The inspiration comes from observing myself and others around me and the type of life they live.

5) What are your aspirations? What can we expect from you in the near future?

• I’m constantly finding new ways to create and experiment with art whether it be with music, fashion, art, film making and writing. My passions change from one medium to the other so my aspiration in life is to find away to combine all of these ideas and become among the  Renaissance women of this generation.
• I think making a music video will be my next project.


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