A New Wave of Rappers In Ivory Coast

You’ve probably heard about the group Kiff no Beat and their smash single ” Tu es dans pain”. If you haven’t, well google it. Kiff no Beat have opened the door for a new wave of rappers in Ivory coast.  Their sound is heavily influenced by trap and contemporary african music (Coupé-Décalé, Afrobeats etc). The language used in their song is a mix of Nouchi and French. Nouchi is a mix of french and multiple Ivorian dialects; it was developed predominately by urban youths in Abidjan. Today it has spread all over Ivory Coast, some words are even used in other francophone countries in Africa. This is heavily due to the widespread popularity of Ivorian music and cinema.

Watch below the video for “Gor La Montagne”

Perestroika Entertainment is a new leader in the rap scene in Ivory Coast. They’re slowly spreading the sound. Check out the video ” Di Natale” by their artist Fireman featuring El Chapo and Terely.

Famous Ivorian musician DJ Arafat recently signed rapper Terely to his label “Yorogang Productions”.  Check out Terely’s video featuring the French group MZ called “Je m’en gniagne”.

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